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Early Problems With Out Of State Properties With Elenis Camargo

Elenis bought 5 rental properties all acquired sight unseen and from out of state. She shares how she managed the rehab process with her properties being in an entirely different location. During one of her first deals, her tenant abandoned the property and she talks about how she was able to handle this difficult situation.

Elenis Camargo Real Estate Background:

  • Works full-time as a digital marketing professional in healthcare

  • Portfolio consists of 5 rental properties, all acquired sight unseen and from out of state

  • From Brooklyn, New York

  • Say hi to her at:

Best Ever Tweet:

“I talk to alot of people, I learn from a lot of people, and I teach people as well. This is a people business, and it’s really important to learn from and help each other out ” – Elenis Camargo



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