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How to Walk a Property for an Out-of-State Investor

In this video join Michael Braddock as he walks a property in Jacksonville, Florida for an investor that lives out of the country. For our non-local investors, we always provide our investors with walk-through videos to assist them with their decision to purchase a property. As Michael walks the property he is using his best judgement examining the overall current condition of the home, identifying potential big ticket items, and what items may need to be repaired prior to renting out the home. He is looking at things like flooring, paint, kitchen and bathroom conditions, smoke detectors and more. Additionally, we always recommend performing an inspection on the property by a licensed inspector prior to closing to provide a detailed report of any issues that the property may contain.

Michael notes that this property will be used as a rental, so it's important to think of the current rental market and whether this home will appeal to tenants. Among the many things that prospective tenants may be looking for are the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, bedroom size, living space, outdoor space, and how recently the home was updated.

Michael Braddock is a partner and Head of Sales of Thirdstone Properties. He has over 15 years of real estate experience and has helped investors throughout the USA and several different countries invest in real estate in the northeast Florida region including Jacksonville, FL.

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This video has been prepared for informational and educational purposes only and is not intended to provide, and should not be relied on for, accounting, legal, tax, investment or other advice. You should consult your financial and tax advisers regarding such matters. An investment in real estate will involve significant risks and there are no assurances against loss of principal resulting from real estate investments or that the investment’s objectives will be attained.



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