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Funding Real Estate Investment Through Property Management with Elenis Camargo

Property management sometimes has a bad rap in some areas of the country primarily because of poor customer service. Whether they don’t reply to your emails or answer your calls, that can be frustrating for any client.

Whether you’re new to property management or still considering it, remember that the happier your tenants are, the fewer calls you get. And sometimes, too, it can be quite difficult to fully understand a property owner’s predicament when you haven’t put yourself in their shoes. That’s why investing in your own property goes a long way – not just in building your wealth, but property management-wise, too.

In today’s conversation, Jonathan speaks with Elenis Camargo of Thirdstone Properties, which she co-founded with her husband, Isaac. Now with 12 units of their own and 329 doors under management, learn how they’re able to successfully run a property management business that also funds their real estate investments.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • How they got into real estate investing and their first three single-family assets

  • The pros and cons of buying a property with tenants in place

  • Prioritizing customer service in any business

  • Developing systems for successful property management

  • Learning from other people’s experiences

  • Long-distance real estate investing

  • Investing in your own home as a property manager

Elenis Camargo



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